The Apocalyptic Beginning?

And still they sit and gaze at us,

Wondering where their life’s journey will lead,

It would be easier if we told you

That your fate was pre-destined.


They wonder how they came about,

Whether there was life before the dawn of Man

They strive and study the universe,

And declare it a lifeless expanse.


The Holy Church teaches of a loving God

Who made The Sun, The Moon, The Earth,

And scientists preach their conflicting clause

Saying Big Bang is what happened first.


Fast forward, a few billion years later

And you still haven’t figured it out,

The secret to your very existence…

Your faith and facts are tinted with doubt.


And in your imperfect world you live,

Creating more predicaments that you can solve

And ultimately fearing the apocalypse,

You try to atone with God.


Mankind surely is intriguing,

They believe Armegeddon is always near

And it is always so thespian!

No wonder it’s their darkest fear!


Haven’t you heard of a higher calling?

Perhaps life after death?

We believe you call it heaven,

Dear God, The Apocalypse isn’t the end!


It’s funny how they never considered

Culmination to create a start

It is when everything is seems to be ending

You realize that the beginning is a work of art.


So stop with the doomsday augury!

The melodrama is a little too impotent….

The Apocalypse will happen anyway,

So let the end come, at the end.


It’s not like it’s not happened before

We know how it will be,

One world must devour the other

In order for it to come into being.


The Soft Spot

You probably wont see it coming,

And when you do it will be too late

So don’t nurture or foster it,

Turn it cold before it germinates.


In an imperfect world we want to believe in the perfect,

So when someone comes pretty close we tend to exaggerate

When the flaw is actually so transparent,

We tend to let it be, when we have to litigate.


Turning a blind eye when you see it

When with something you don’t agree,

Is what normally we call a soft spot:

Unvarnished partiality.


But as pretty as it may seem to you

As hard as it is to see the stain,

Everyone has their gallery of sin

But the soft spot will ignore the dirty overlay.


If you have a spot for anyone,

Even a tiny corner, is your Achilles’ heel

If found, it has has the potential to destroy you,

And bring you to your knees.


So turn it cold before it turns on you,

Kill it before it germinates,

Don’t be addled by an exterior

A shrouded version of immaculate.


Love is a feeling that cant be explained

The soft sound of music

Sweet sunshine in rain

Love is a put together picture

 With all the pieces fitted in

Love is an unforgettable adventure

Experienced within


Love is when you surrender yourself to someone else

Love is when you find a miracle greater than yourself

Love is when you give your heart

Even if its gets torn

Love creates memories

That completes your heart and soul


Love is like the ripened fruit

From the womb of a tree

Something to be cherished

For all eternity


For love is like the candle light

That lights up the dark

Like the dark and beautiful night

That is lit up by a star


I cannot hate anyone

It is my gift and my curse

For I can only love with all my heart

Even if it suffers more than it can bear

For love is what He taught me

And in love I believe.

The Secret to Communal Harmony

Tolerance is the willingness to accept behaviour and beliefs that you don’t really agree with. It means attempting to understand the other and his point of view. Today the world is torn apart by people who are incapable of living and letting live. They believe that their point of view is the right one. The inability to tolerate others has brought our world to war. All the great religions preach the virtue of tolerance and yet even the religious fanatics are unable to follow what their religion preaches. Let us take the examples of the two most opposing religions. In Islam the name al- Halῑm or ‘the tolerant’ is one of the names of Allah. In Christianity, Exodus 22:21 says: “Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” It is clear that religions have tried through the centuries to imbibe in man the art of tolerance so that one day mankind may live in peace and harmony. But tolerance doesn’t just mean tolerating other religious beliefs. Not getting into interpersonal conflicts at home or in your work place or in your neighbourhood may sound insignificant but in fact is a very crucial part for the promotion of the normal functioning of a society. It is the peace maintained at these levels that in the end contribute substantially to world peace. In the end the only way to achieve peace is to understand and accept the fact that tolerance is a virtue, it is an art. It doesn’t mean you’ve become the lesser person. It means you have decided to take the high road. Tolerance enlightens you to views and ideologies that are different from your own. It makes your knowledge of the world richer. When you become ready to accept people for who they are and understand them you will experience holistic development. Tolerance is the secret behind every functioning society. It is the sole proprietor of peace and harmony.

Tempus Sede Vacante

April 19th 2005, the conclave had begun. Joseph Ratzinger was the Great Elector and presided over the conclave that was held shortly after the death of His Holiness John Paul II. The Conclave ended in two days and though there was a delay in the ringing of the bells, they rang fourteen minutes later confirming the election of the new Bishop of Rome- Joseph Ratzinger or more popularly known as Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Pope Benedict has successfully stunned the 21st century with his abdication and has ensured that the year2013 would definitely end up in the history books. Despite his public statement that it was incompetency of mind and body that led him to quit, papal abdications are rarer than blue moons and so, there has been much speculation on the underlying reason behind the resignation of His Holiness.

The story actually begins on 13th December 1294, when Pope Celestine V resigned from his post. One of his surviving edicts was his confirmation of the right of a pope to resign or abdicate. Unlike what many people believe quite a few popes have resigned through history. The last pope to have abdicated was Pope Gregory XII in 1415, his reason being to end the Western Schism or the Papal Schism where two men claimed to be the true pope… His abdication however, was over six hundred years ago and the funny thing we all know about history is that it tends to repeat itself.

On February 28th 2013 Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned and since then the Holy See has been facing Tempus Sede Vacante or ‘The Time of the Empty Seat’ referring to the empty papal office.

Benedict XVI will be now addressed as Pope Emeritus and continues to wear the white papal robes. He has retired to the newly renovated Mater Ecclesiae, a monastery as his retirement home.

The conclave began on March 12th 2013 at 4:45pm Central European Time, and the cardinals were sealed in within the walls of the Sistine Chapel sworn to secrecy owing to the Latin origin of the word ‘cum clave’ meaning with a key. By ancient Vatican law that holds till today any Catholic man who has been baptized can become pope but since the 1300s it has always been a fellow cardinal.

The successor of Benedict XVI was elected on March 13th 2013. A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is said to be the first non- European pope in 1,272 years. He is also the first Jesuit pope. The Islamic community welcomed his election as pope as they claimed this simple and humble man was a friend of the Islamic community. The conclave this year was expected to break after three days for the cardinals to rest if no pope had been elected but Pope Francis was elected on the second day itself and is the first pope to bear that name.

Tempus Sede Vacante has come to an end as the seventy – six year old Vicar of Christ has donned his papal robes and responsibilities. The Church has found their new leader and hopes that he leads the Catholic community in wisdom and love for years to come.

The Third Rock from the Sun

Mercury carries a message to some waiting God above,

Venus seduces everyone

Hail the deity of love.

Mars prepares for wars,

As he sharpens all his spears

And in the mighty universe,

Behold Jupiter appears…

Son of the Titan ,

Bringer of peace,

All creation sing your praises,

And heavens rejoice in thee.

Then we have Saturn,

And His seven icy rings

The titan of time,

With Him anarchy He brings.

Uranus follows,

Or Apollo of the sky,

Music and healing,

In him shall you find,

Neptune comes next…

The mighty God of the Sea,

Guarding all his creatures,

Water source of eternity.

Last we have Pluto,

The conniving God of the dead

The Lord of the underworld,

With a river of souls beside his bed.

But we’ve missed out on a planet…

Of peace and serenity,

Greenery flourishes,

Host of humanity,

Gaia she is called,

Or Mother Earth by human tongue;

Beautifully she stands,

The third rock from the sun.

Creating Creativity

Man eternally strives to create,

Something to call his own

To use ideas as they emanate,

Hoping his talent is made known…


It is never really sufficient,

To see a spark but let it be,

We need to lift from the mediocre

And unlock potential with its key.


But its more than just proving something…

It is a soul that tries to reach

Another that may be miles away,

That may feel the way you feel.


And as you search for that possibility

Of minds that might agree,

Inside you, you create creativity

And show the world what they’ve been waiting to see.



It may be a pestering grudge, 
Or you may not like his race,
And when his world comes tumbling down,
There’s a smile upon your face.
It feels like your world is falling in place,
Just as his is falling apart,
And your life somehow finds meaning again,
Because of the grief in his heart.
Its that sadistic sense of pleasure,
That evil sense of right,
When someone else’s ill luck,
Brings to you delight.
You don’t see it manifested,
It’s certainly abstract,
It is nothing like jealously,
Its much more than that.
It’s one of those emotions,
You don’t hear about everyday,
Delight at another’s misfortune,
We call it schadenfreude.

Fueling Tomorrow

Why? Why search tirelessly for the best alternatives to our current fuels? Approximately 95% of world transport is powered by oil and besides, for a very long time Man has depended on the ever popular source of energy – black gold. So why bother changing it? Ignore the fact that burning fossil fuels is a very generous contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions, that it causes global warming, that they are non-renewable sources of energy and that sooner or later we’re going to run out of them. Most of us would have heard a million slogans and catch phrases on energy conservation, global warming, and so on but would not have given it a second thought, so where would it affect the average human being of today who couldn’t care less about going green, as far as he’s concerned petrol gets him from point A to Point B and that’s all he needs. So here’s why. Once upon a time in the Middle East, on May 26th 1908, in Persia (now Iran) to be precise, a British company found oil. At that time with the concept of automobiles being at its infancy and everything running on coal, investors didn’t really expect to get rich from an oil strike, until they realized that petroleum was a more economical fuel source and almost everything that ran on coal could run on oil as well. The change was easy and inevitable. Explorations led to discovery of more oil reserves in the Middle East, and today a hundred years later the Gulf countries have the world’s largest share of petroleum. The Middle East exports 58% of the all crude petroleum and many countries depend on them for oil. This is where the problem arises. There is a stark monopoly in the market where many countries depend on the regions like the Gulf, Canada, and Venezuela. Countries that are rich in oil therefore can monopolize and manipulate markets. In normal terms, the countries that are rich in oil can create artificial scarcity and cause price rise. This is where you would be concerned about finding cheaper more economic sources of fuel. To find the ideal fuel is anything but simple. There are so many factors you need to take into account. The potential candidate must be available in abundance, it should be safe, easy to transport and store and it should be legal. Many such restrictions have our scientists and researchers still in their labs searching relentlessly for the ideal fuel replacement. There have been so many proposals for fuel alternatives but to find the right fuel alternative is still work in progress, so here’s your sneak peek at the creativity scientists have used in an attempt to tide over the energy crisis.


Nearly two-thirds of the earth is water. The chemical composition of water (H2O) has hydrogen in it. If we are able to extract hydrogen along with the oxygen gas it becomes suitable for the IC engine applications with some modifications. It is an economical fuel source due to its abundance. Due to its purity it is neat, clean and eco-friendly.

Used Diapers:

An Organization called AMEC in Canada is in the process of building a pilot plant in Quebec that will process used diapers (plastics, resins, fibers and poop) by a pyrolysis process and produce a mix of oil and char. Considering diapers take a very long time to decompose in a land fill, it seems like a good alternative.


Dr. Craig Alan Bittner is a Beverly Hills Cosmetics Surgeon who saves the left over fat from the many liposuctions he conducts and converts it into a perfectly good biofuel with which he powers his SUV. The fact that this is illegal is a minor deterrent.

Turkey Gut:

Thanksgiving in America plates about 45 million turkeys. An interesting query would be, what happens to the turkey guts? A group of entrepreneurs at Carthage got together and decided to open a plant that would convert turkey waste including feathers and converting it into a fuel oil that can be converted into gasoline, jet fuel or diesel.


Cows can produce 50-130 gallons of methane every day. Since Methane burns easily, what if they could use this Methane as a fuel? Blue Spruce Farm in Vermont is putting their cow waste into anaerobic digesters to produce electricity. This also produces useful fertilizers.

The Usual alternatives:

Bio- diesels which are animal fat based or vegetable oil based diesel fuel, Biogas technologies which are concerned with the converting of biological waste into energy, Propane (otherwise known as LPG) which is a domestically abundant fossil fuel that reduces harmful emissions, Hydrogen which is an easily combustible gas available in abundance, and ethanol that has emerged in the recent years as a very good fuel alternative, are all good solution to our current energy crisis.


Hemp is a very versatile plant, it improves the soil in which it grows without the aid of any chemical fertilizers and chokes weed by its rapid growth. By virtue of it versatile nature hemp is a really good fuel alternative and production at large rates and at low costs leads many to believe that it alone can make America energy independent. However, though highly profitable the Federal government banned the growth of hemp. There are many alternatives for our current fuels, but they have many draw backs as well, that is why none of these alternatives have been implemented. The answer is out there somewhere, all we need is more people to think outside the box for a change, and find the best fuel source to run our world. We hope to be a healthy world one day, a world that can sustain itself. With the need for finding different fuels to use becoming more and more prominent, we’re looking at a someday, not very far away when we will find an economical fuel source that will save the planet and go easy on your wallet.