The Gospel Revelation

All good shall cease to fight,

And righteousness shall fall,

Darkness shall reign over light,

The Satan shall rule it all…

Chaos will have sovereignty,

Over all that is sane and pure,

Evil shall show no mercy,

And sciences fail to find a cure.

A plague shall overtake the earth…

And seasons shall fail to change,

And Darkness shall snatch away the mirth

That existed on this world one day.

And then shall come your Saviour!

A miracle fallen from the sky,

He shall be called Redeemer,

For He shall bring back your light!

He shall restore the innocence,

That you people once possessed

You shall tremble in His presence,

He, shall you cease to forget.

He cometh a second time,

And  He shall judge you,

In the darkness His light will shine,

And He will command you.

But do not fear, my fellow men

For He is no monarch

The Lord is gentle shepherd

He watches you in the dark

Believe in Him and in His holy word

For He knoweth what He does

He uses love and not a sword

To rule over everyone.


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