The Hunger Project

In a world of 7 billion people, 870 million do not have enough to eat, this is the population of the United States of America and The European Union combined. It is time to face the truth, we live in a world where there are people who cannot afford to buy food, and yet on the other side we have an annual wastage of 1.3 billion tons of food worldwide. Even though it is only one third of the world’s total food production, it still is a very substantial amount. Another interesting point of view, is that inside all this food we waste is a stunning 45 trillion gallons of water, which represents the water used for agriculture. And agriculture is already the largest user of fresh water.

It is cruel that human beings are capable of committing the atrocious sin of food wastage when we can see so many of our brothers and sisters suffering starvation, malnutrition, and various other diseases due to chronic hunger. Pope Francis, on world Environment day puts forward a very valid point. When a person or rather many people die, of hunger it doesn’t seem to hit the news but when the stock market drops ten points everybody is talking about it. World Hunger is an imminent concern that we have refused to look at for too long. It is a very nasty picture but all the same it cannot be ignored. We need to do a better job of redistributing the food we cannot eat to people who would probably appreciate it more. Serve in small portions, make in small portions and buy only what you need. Like the pope very rightly put, food wasting is like stealing from the tables of the poor and hungry. It is an unforgivable sin.

The thought of someday being to say we live in a world that is free of hunger everywhere might seem increasingly impossible as the world population increases in large numbers every day. You may ask, “What difference can I make?” but this is just another way of shirking responsibility. Hunger is the curse that haunts our global community and Man is finally accepting he is helpless. We are on top of the food chain and possibly the most developed beings on the earth and yet the pangs of hunger seem to bring us down to nothingness. Hunger can be eliminated and getting started is as simple as this, if each one of us can commit to one person and their need. Just one…. We will soon be weaving an intricate web of culture that imbibes in people the arts of love, care, giving and compassion. We will reach that point in time when there will be a complete shift in paradigm and we will become a part of a world free of hunger, with people finally being able to sustain themselves. We will finally renew hope.


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