Mind Your Heart

The brain is at constant war with itself, where one part tells you to follow your heart the other cautions. We are born a part of this time because of capacities that are unique to us, to become agents of positive influence and change that have the power to shape humanity and manipulate destiny. The mind is the conscience, the chalice of logic, reason, judgment, perception and moral values. Subconsciously, our mind assimilates various elements of our surroundings, like the people we talk to, previous incidents, popular belief and so on to discern the outcome of every situation thus giving out warning signals in times of danger. Therefore, the logical part of the brain is what we call our mind. Noetic Sciences believe that the mind can become a vast expanse of knowledge and power and has the potential to make visible changes around us. The full power of the mind, however is latent, and is yet to be tapped… In our day to day existence we have efficiently closed out the unimaginable by terming it ‘impossible.’ It stunts the ability to grow, to discover, to invent and most importantly to think differently. The depth and strength of human character is greatly defined by the moral reserve we call our conscience or our mind. In the ordinary course of events our mind is not tested. People only reveal themselves when they are thrown out of their comfort zones. It is at these times the strength of character is tested to see if we fall back on our moral values to guide us.

Our inner reserves of emotion that season every judgment we make, that alters reason and believes in the unbelievable is the heart.  Contrary to popular belief, the heart is a very vital part of our being. The latent power of the mind can be exploited only when we open up the doors to our hearts. Opening our hearts to courage, belief and faith lays the foundation for development.  Edison would be a wonderful example, he tried to invent the light bulb and failed a number of times but his heart believed, it opened to the possibility that the right way to invent the bulb was just around the corner and in the end he did harness light. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a life threatening illness at the age of twenty, and yet we still have him with us today, aged 71, contributing greatly to the world of contemporary science. It was his heart that kept him going, that convinced him that giving up was not an option… That the world would benefit greatly from his knowledge. When the heart believes, all obstacles are removed; nothing can stand in your way. However, when the heart lets in negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, fear, and lack of confidence, it brings out the opposite effect. Pessimism will lead to your mind closing up. You will hesitate to dare, to dream and discover new things in the fear of not succeeding. Negative thoughts can stunt intellectual growth and curiosity severely.  Restrictions form unnoticed and you’ve set your boundaries, when there shouldn’t be any. There is no limit to possibility.

It is when the heart opens, when it believes that we witness miracles. The universe provides in abundance and it is up to us to extract from it what we need. Seek and you shall find. It simply means all you need and ever will need is all there in and around you; you just need to take time to notice it lying dormant and activate it. Sarah Ban Breathnach says, “Whatever we are waiting for, be it peace of mind, contentment, grace, inner awareness of simple abundance- it will surely come to us but only when we are willing to receive it with a grateful heart.” When you open your hearts to confidence, blind faith, and optimism the unseen forces of the cosmos will automatically begin to work together in order to achieve what you’re working towards. It’s actually a very simple concept, if your heart is in whatever you are doing then your mind opens up to it too.  The amount we can achieve if our hearts and minds work together is unfathomable. It won’t matter how different we are because all differences will melt into nothingness if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. In the end, emotional strength is one of Mankind’s oldest weapons and when used to the fullest it will lead to visible and remarkable changes in society and in turn the world. We are on the verge of great change and at this point the world needs people to innovate with their hearts as well as their minds. We need hearts that believe in change and minds that work towards it. We need people who are crazy enough to believe with all their heart that they can make a change in the world no matter how stupid and ‘impossible’ it sounds, because like Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


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