The Third Rock from the Sun

Mercury carries a message to some waiting God above,

Venus seduces everyone

Hail the deity of love.

Mars prepares for wars,

As he sharpens all his spears

And in the mighty universe,

Behold Jupiter appears…

Son of the Titan ,

Bringer of peace,

All creation sing your praises,

And heavens rejoice in thee.

Then we have Saturn,

And His seven icy rings

The titan of time,

With Him anarchy He brings.

Uranus follows,

Or Apollo of the sky,

Music and healing,

In him shall you find,

Neptune comes next…

The mighty God of the Sea,

Guarding all his creatures,

Water source of eternity.

Last we have Pluto,

The conniving God of the dead

The Lord of the underworld,

With a river of souls beside his bed.

But we’ve missed out on a planet…

Of peace and serenity,

Greenery flourishes,

Host of humanity,

Gaia she is called,

Or Mother Earth by human tongue;

Beautifully she stands,

The third rock from the sun.


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