The Virgin Maiden

It was truly unfathomable!

She was made to challenge god,

Promoted as unsinkable,

The Titanic had it all.


It was something worthy of the boast,

Never meant to see the ocean bed,

The ship was meant to forever float,

And capture the hearts of men….


We knew as we saw the glimmering beauty

Before she set out to sea,

That she would reach every destiny

We knew we had God’s envy.


We taunted fate and chance,

Sinking? A thought that made us laugh…

The Titanic was a haven of safety,

Man’s greatest work of art.


She set out on the maiden voyage,

Her engines roared to life!

We set on the treacherous passage,

Making history by every mile.


We had our several warnings,

It was not like God had left us to die…

The captain said, “Full steam ahead!”

What threat could be posed by ice?


We were sadly very mistaken,

Pride was our greatest vice

Titanic sunk a virgin maiden,

Over a thousand of us died!


The Titanic was so immaculate

But pride incurred the wrath of God

What sunk was meant to be unsinkable,

Ironic, is it not?


NOTE: The figure of speech is called Cosmic Irony (that which is the end result of fate or chance)



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