What will it take to end poverty?

Bending Arc of Poverty is not only a moral obligation but an economic imperative. Let’s take the past fifty years as our time span in consideration. All through, governments, NGOs, charitable organizations and civil society itself have been grappling, trying to lift people above the poverty line. Giving them the right to a reasonable living…. However, considering the rate of global development, the poverty elevation rate has become unacceptable… It is simply much too slow…. What exactly does the Arc of Poverty mean? It may sure sound dramatic but all it is, is a graphical representation of Mankind’s effort to achieve a world free of poverty everywhere. As all economies are developing the circle of poverty is being perpetuated with more and more people becoming unable to meet the cost of living. Poverty is the cause for illiteracy; people aren’t able to afford an education. Illiteracy in turn leads to the creation of non-productive masses. People become unable to sustain themselves and in big countries like India, this becomes a drag on the nation’s resources. Developing countries cannot seem to achieve self-sufficiency.  Hence, the need to wipe out poverty becomes an economic imperative for growth but then, behind the economics lies the realm of moral obligation. Can any country afford a situation where a substantial part of its population isn’t able to feed itself and a slim minority lives in ostentatious splendor? So while you see an Ambani with a skyscraper for a home remember there are many more in the slums that it overlooks.

So what do you think our world is doing to deflect this arc that seems to be moving at a very slow rate? Well, surprisingly we’re doing a whole lot, Nations are collaborating towards this effort by channelizing billions of dollars of aid to poor countries through development institutions and Organization like the IBRD or the World Bank and the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation have made huge impacts. However, the removal of poverty is a herculean task; it is a mission that requires constant behind the scenes effort. It takes time to fill every stomach, to teach every child, to bring about prosperity and in turn elevate poverty. But sadly, we live in a world that demands that this curse be lifted overnight and despite the numerous efforts we’re still quite far from achieving our goal, so then your question actually becomes, what will it take to end poverty?



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