Love is a feeling that cant be explained

The soft sound of music

Sweet sunshine in rain

Love is a put together picture

 With all the pieces fitted in

Love is an unforgettable adventure

Experienced within


Love is when you surrender yourself to someone else

Love is when you find a miracle greater than yourself

Love is when you give your heart

Even if its gets torn

Love creates memories

That completes your heart and soul


Love is like the ripened fruit

From the womb of a tree

Something to be cherished

For all eternity


For love is like the candle light

That lights up the dark

Like the dark and beautiful night

That is lit up by a star


I cannot hate anyone

It is my gift and my curse

For I can only love with all my heart

Even if it suffers more than it can bear

For love is what He taught me

And in love I believe.


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