The Apocalyptic Beginning?

And still they sit and gaze at us,

Wondering where their life’s journey will lead,

It would be easier if we told you

That your fate was pre-destined.


They wonder how they came about,

Whether there was life before the dawn of Man

They strive and study the universe,

And declare it a lifeless expanse.


The Holy Church teaches of a loving God

Who made The Sun, The Moon, The Earth,

And scientists preach their conflicting clause

Saying Big Bang is what happened first.


Fast forward, a few billion years later

And you still haven’t figured it out,

The secret to your very existence…

Your faith and facts are tinted with doubt.


And in your imperfect world you live,

Creating more predicaments that you can solve

And ultimately fearing the apocalypse,

You try to atone with God.


Mankind surely is intriguing,

They believe Armegeddon is always near

And it is always so thespian!

No wonder it’s their darkest fear!


Haven’t you heard of a higher calling?

Perhaps life after death?

We believe you call it heaven,

Dear God, The Apocalypse isn’t the end!


It’s funny how they never considered

Culmination to create a start

It is when everything is seems to be ending

You realize that the beginning is a work of art.


So stop with the doomsday augury!

The melodrama is a little too impotent….

The Apocalypse will happen anyway,

So let the end come, at the end.


It’s not like it’s not happened before

We know how it will be,

One world must devour the other

In order for it to come into being.


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