The Soft Spot

You probably wont see it coming,

And when you do it will be too late

So don’t nurture or foster it,

Turn it cold before it germinates.


In an imperfect world we want to believe in the perfect,

So when someone comes pretty close we tend to exaggerate

When the flaw is actually so transparent,

We tend to let it be, when we have to litigate.


Turning a blind eye when you see it

When with something you don’t agree,

Is what normally we call a soft spot:

Unvarnished partiality.


But as pretty as it may seem to you

As hard as it is to see the stain,

Everyone has their gallery of sin

But the soft spot will ignore the dirty overlay.


If you have a spot for anyone,

Even a tiny corner, is your Achilles’ heel

If found, it has has the potential to destroy you,

And bring you to your knees.


So turn it cold before it turns on you,

Kill it before it germinates,

Don’t be addled by an exterior

A shrouded version of immaculate.


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