A race that tends to sin

It is easy to point fingers

People do it all day long

Even if we’re completely flawed

We don’t hesitate to point out wrong.


The world is just waiting like a predator

To pounce upon its prey

Trying your best? Well, it doesn’t matter,

They don’t care for what you have to say.


They’re lying when they say be yourself

No one really cares,

What you need is to be the best

Be myself?  I wouldn’t dare!


Because if I slip or show my weakness

They’ll disown me and not take me back,

The secret is to be the strongest

And stay ahead of the pack.


Whatever happened to emotion?

Empathy perhaps?

How to love, have we forgotten?

We’re a fragile world waiting to collapse.


But if you take a tiny moment,

To examine who you are…

All your flaws, your strengths, your weaknesses,

And not that convincing facade…


You’ll see yourself  in entirety

And not just the perfect parts,

You’ll see that imperfection has its beauty

There’s nothing called a perfect heart.


For as long as we are human,

We tend to be terribly flawed

So how do we expect perfection from another?

When we ourselves do wrong!


So haste! all ye common folk,

Don’t judge your fellow men,

We are perfect in our imperfections,

A race that tends to sin.



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