We stand in fear of the angry men,

Marked with an insignia on their countenance,

The emblem of the monarchy,

They claim to prevent anarchy.

You are not a King by your palace,

You are not a King if you have a heart of malice

And if in ruthless autocracy you believe,

And hinder our spirits from running free…

God made us men and made us equal,

Not to bow to another because he is regal,

Not to be at your mercy

Not to be suppressed by supremacy,

But oppression is the new law of peace,

Where one man says and the other heeds

Where free will is fettered

And domination free

This tyranny must end,

So capture the hearts of men.

We will rise in allegiance

And disown the path of blind obedience,

We will fight for the right to be free

We will fight for democracy.

So go on and pass another royal decree

And we will erupt in mutiny

To regain our snatched away mirth,

And undo the accident of birth.

But for now, this seems a distant dream

With one day hope of seeing reality

As we labour in secrecy.

And in the darkness of the darkest night

We ready ourselves for our freedom fight

And I can hear Providence speak,

As we repeat the rebel’s creed…

“Stand with your kith and kin

Fight for whatever it is you believe in,

Don’t care about what they say,



One thought on “Disobey

  1. Nice work Tanya. You thought is very profound and the words well laid out. It amazes me, the depth to which you think. Keep it up.

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