Sleep when you’re dead

People come in three categories

The ones that catalyst change,

The ones that murmur in disbelief

And the ones with indifference on their face.


It is easy enough to dream up a cloud

And wish upon a daisy,

To hope and pray and rely on God

And not really do anything praise-worthy.


There is a secret behind every success

And it usually is the same,

It’s a foolproof test, to filter the best,

Because hard work you cannot feign.


The one thing people don’t know about determination,

Is how hard it is to inculcate,

You can’t just wake up one morning

And determination cultivate.


It takes time to develop momentum

Focus doesn’t work on jump starts,

You need to invest,

Tears blood and sweat

And every little part of your heart…


It takes years of successive sacrifice

To get where you want to be,

When everyone is out, to stay behind

And work towards your dream becoming reality.


Look at it as though it were a battle,

You have to give it all you’ve got,

There’s no turning back or second chances

If you are victorious, it was a battle well fought.


There really is only rule to the game,

And it requires a dauntless front

You have to locate, lock and engage

To capture what you want.


Remember to remind yourself

Replay the game plan in your head,

Never lose sight and tirelessly fight

You can sleep when you’re dead.


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