The Escapist

I don’t know how he does it,
It sure has the people stunned
One minute fettered by confinement,
The other, leaving the magic undone.

While all this is so exciting,
While the enchanter has you enthralled,
Remember his tricks are common place
It is common to us all.

With a little bit of introspection
You see that he just exemplifies,
How we act in the face of peril
Weaving a safety net of lies.

People have many names for this,
It’s not new to any of us
Call it denial or cowardice,
We shy away when things get rough.

It might be a lie we tell ourselves
Because it seems impossible to move on,
To drown ourselves in a world of pretense
Because a reality check should sometimes bounce.

The artist seeks to paint inspiration
The singer tries to connect with a song,
The author’s words are his form of expression
Pain is art in its purest form.

While many shun this way of creation
And take no note because our duties we shun,
What we forget is that pain is expression
The toughest path we’ve all walked once.

So call it whatever you want to call it,
When I try to avoid adversity’s face,
It is the way I create my masterpieces,
The Escapist’s greatest escape.