Welcome to Nairobi

Because everyone can afford it Image source: Internet

Because everyone can afford it
Image source: Internet

My name is Kiara, would you follow me home?

It is not very grand but I do not live alone,

I live in a humble abode, in a village in Nairobi

We are not among, the famous, the satisfied, or the wealthy.

Father earns lesser than they used to pay him,

And food costs more than the price at which we can afford them.

This is not new to me; my friends usually see the same fate,

We don’t know if we’ll have enough food on our plates.

I don’t know if soon I will have to stay home from school,

With the price of education, it seems easier to stay a fool.

Death is so commonplace; I would be surprised if it didn’t haunt us,

With the way disease runs rampant, and nothing to safeguard us.

This is my sister and my brother; they too feel the same,

Would you please join us as we give thanks for this plate?

It is true we live in poverty, both absolute and extreme

And yes, Kenya is among the world’s 30 poorest countries.

We have violence roam the street, as we hold on to dear life,

We watch helpless, as our infant mortality rates rise.

We are seeing some progress, but the statistic is nowhere near enough

How can it be when basic human needs are unattainable to us?

I see many of us, not excluding me

On some days waking hungry and are the same as we go to sleep.

If you are not among us, you might find it hard to come to terms with this reality

Where people are starkly set apart by the line of poverty…

Most of us live on a dollar a day,

If we’re lucky enough we’ll have the same the next day.

So, welcome to Nairobi,the paradox of our state,

Kenya’s biggest yet one of its poorest estates…

I know you are waiting to ask me how we manage to smile,

We haven’t lived your story, so this is our way of life.

We have come to terms with what we have, and what we’re worth

We are but normal people trapped by the accident of birth.

So we try not to dwell on the darkness you see,

We hold on to hope and we genuinely pray for peace.

When you look around, you may see a slum,

But when I do, I see the home I come from.

So, with all due respect, don’t feel sorry for me,

Remember the leader of the free world has roots in Nairobi.

Yes, some of us unlike the rest are sometimes not so lucky,

But we hope for a dawn that brings us prosperity.

Every time someone donates a dollar that some of us need to live,

I smile to myself because despite scarcity, People still find the heart to give.