The Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold

Once upon another time
When magic was pure and young
Our humble vales were brought to life
By the magic of the twilight sun
Sunshine spilled all over the ground
And we found our spring of life,
When darkness somehow crept into the sky,
The moon would light the night.
The Sun then gave us the rainbow
As a promise from the sky
That every vale that kept it safe,
Would have the magic of the twilight sky…
Then he gave us the pot of gold,
To pin the rainbow to the ground,
Saying that it would with the rainbow hold,
The Enchanted safe and sound…
So without the gold you can see
That the valley will slowly die,
This glade will feel the brunt of greed,
As we no longer have the light.
So keep safe this treasured pot of gold.
We guard it with our lives,
As we have done for ages and ages yet to come
We always keep it in sight.
But I saw something the other day,
And I know not what to say…
Except that in my hundred years of life,
I have never seen it act this way.
So I went down to see for myself
But alas! I was too late…
In that moment that the light flickered
The gold had gone away.
I could swear there wasn’t a single soul,
I would know if anyone came near
So what do I say for the missing gold,
That a moment ago was here?