Semper Fi

I smile at an ancient memory,
I had interred long ago.
That summer dusk you walked away,
And bled me dry of hope.

I knew you didn’t have a choice:
I knew you had to leave,
And though I cleverly hid behind a smile,
My heart overflowed with grief.

I still remember the day he came,
And shattered my façade of steel,
He told me you would never return,
I had lost you to a battlefield.

I knew what you would say.
If I saw you breathe your last,
You’d say I needed to find love again
And that the past was in the past.

It’s been somewhat over a decade now
I sit here on a lonely park bench,
My face tainted with a watery smile,
I dampen this parchment.

I look down at the simple words,
I crafted with paper and pen.
Two words are all I need,
To express this heartfelt sentiment.

The calligraphic words look mangled,
Reflecting my debilitated heart;
But I drudge along life knowing
One day I’ll be where you are.

This tear stained testament holds the simplest words
They are all I have ever lived by:
My heart will always be yours, my love
Until the end, Semper Fi.

Note: Semper Fi is the motto of the United States Marine Corps. It is a Latin phrase meaning always faithful.