Cast Aside

This story is not a fairy tale,
In fact it comes nowhere near
It is a narrative of a big mistake
And how it led me here.

It was toxic since inception
It broke my code of protocol
I knew the person I was being
Wasn’t me at all.

They say reign over your emotions
Be in control of who you are,
I am to blame for taking the wrong turn
That led to my broken heart.

Now I look at myself
And I am appalled by what I see,
A woman who let a wave of false love
Compromise her integrity.

If I could go back a year
And change every choice I made,
I wouldn’t think twice of it
Because I regret my reality today.

So who will love a tarnished soul?
I’ve been poisoned and thrown away.
I feel like the wilted and trampled rose
Discarded from the perfect array.

But haste my love, don’t you fret
You might seem to be a mess,
Your choices might make you who you are
But you are beautiful nonetheless.

One day your life will turn around
When someone unexpected walks by,
And on the stone cold pavement
Will see the rose that was cast aside.

He will not judge you like you judge yourself
He will see what I see when I look,
You aren’t the rose that you throw away
But the one you keep safe forever, in a book.

Someday maybe faraway
Sé que te amo
And when you are at your journey’s end
You’ll be glad you waited for your Ferrero.

1. Sé que te amo – Know that I love you
2. Ferrero – is in reference to the fact that you will be glad that you waited for the best chocolate in the world.


4 thoughts on “Cast Aside

  1. Very insightful! I sympathize with the girl. But, so many go through this kind of experience! She is lucky that she is past it. Girls are very vulnerable in these circumstances.
    The poem seamlessly.

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