The Swan Catalyst

I’ve   grown to become excellent,
At identifying my flaws;
Immeasurably inadequate-
Are the words you are looking for.

Some give  me their sympathy,
While some just shake  their heads,
But I  don’t  need your pity…
I’m  not fishing for compliments.

If you are really true to yourself,
You know you’ve  felt the same
So how can I  be grappling  for attention?
With something so commonplace.

Now I  have you looking at your blemishes,
You drown yourself  in doubt,
It’s  funny how introspection tarnishes,
The way you’re  being thought about.

It’s  now time to turn the tables
You feel nothing makes the cut,
You want perfection as heard in fables
A fairy tale with reality’s touch.

There begins your journey….
An endeavour without  an end,
Your belief in insufficiency…
Has kept perfection around the bend.

The grass is greener on the other side,
Or so I have  been told;
Envy of another will none but misguide,
The traveller’s initial goal.

Remembering that you were seeking,
Let us tread on that path again,
In search of the legendary something
That fulfils the hearts of men.

The secret is in the knowing,
That you cant be immaculate
But it doesn’t  hurt to keep striving,
There’s  always room for improvement.

I bet they didn’t  tell you
You won’t  find what you’re looking for;
If you search superficially ,
You’ll miss the treasure at the core.

We will soon make happen the transformation
From duckling to the swan,
The trick is in learning to be
The catalyst to the change you want.


The Lemniscate

I wonder when I lie in my coffin

And leave temporal things behind…

Will you be the one near the casket,

Searching for words you cannot find?

Or will there be a distance,

A time created rift?

A chasm created by divergent life

That death would have to bridge.

Would you stand at the pulpit

And deliver a heartfelt goodbye?

Looking back through the pages,

Will you remember the once upon a time?

Or will you be the one listening?

To someone who took your place,

Speaking the eulogy,

You once thought you would say.

Will you wonder if it were real?

Everything we wrote in the stars…

Will it fade as a child’s day dream?

Or will it be embossed in your heart?

Whichever place you choose to stand,

The day I celebrate my journey’s end.

If I were there I would take your hand,

And show you our remember whens…

No matter what happened along the way

Know that you aren’t forgotten,

My earthly realm may have ceased to stay

But Celestial memories are fossils.

You and I met at an intersection

And had to someday deviate,

From a path we walked in unison,

It was time that we walked away.

Maybe someday we will meet again?

Life has an interesting path to take,

You and I may meet at cross roads…

The intersection of Destiny’s Lemniscate.