The Walls of Jericho

I walked down the path that lay before me,

Knowing that there was no way else to go

I watched what was left of my fragile heart

Be broken and drained of hope.

I knew what I needed to do,

Stop crying and pick myself up

Because in the end no one cared

And my efforts just weren’t enough

So I bled myself dry of all hurt and anticipation,

Shakespeare had it right,

All heartache sprouts from expectation,

So what was the point of the strife?

If you shut yourself out from all emotion

You may come out unscathed,

But abstinence from human interaction

Is a life that was lived inane…

So one day, I picked up the broken pieces

And decided I would no longer feel this maimed,

As a person I might need social communication

But I wouldn’t let anyone see my pain.

Vulnerability is overrated,

I need to emotionally isolate,

Sure, I would talk to every living soul

And extroversion exaggerate.

I would spend every waking minute

Trying to be perfect in the spotlight,

I knew people would be waiting, watching keenly

For me to slip, and for them to spew their spite.

I wore my mask pretty well,

I must say in retrospect I’m impressed,

I didn’t give even the slightest hint

Of the agony I had repressed.

I would do what was required of me with a mercenary heart

Because all that I learned from selfless love

Was that I had no more capacity to be scarred.

Everything seemed to be going well enough,

As long as I followed script,

All the world’s a stage of course,

I found my part and was playing it.

When I took stock of how far I had come

And how scrupulous my defenses were

I found myself closed in by the highest walls

My armory in place to avert hurt.

Then one day I met someone,

I never expected to find,

I watched as the miracle unraveled,

I believe they call it Fate’s Design.

I didn’t see it coming,

If I had I’d have taken aim,

Shot him down before he gained access,

Or came anywhere near my towering gates.

I smirked at his naivety,

He seemed to be so in love with life,

He would soon be broken too,

It was all a matter of time.

I must admit I got curious

As to how he remained unfazed,

No one can claim a perfect past,

Yet his faith wouldn’t shake.

My curiosity got the better of me,

I hid behind my shielding gates

But I stole a look ever so gingerly,

At the world of wonder from which he came.

He caught me in my trespassing act,

I quickly sought to hide again,

But when I looked back to see if he left,

He was holding out his hand.

I dared for the first time in forever,

To take a step outside my protective grounds,

He pulled me out and I watched in awe

As my walls came tumbling down.

He showed me what living really meant,

Asked me to trust and love again,

He said he would hold my hand if I fell

And that I could always count on him.

Slowly, insecurity melted

Like morning dewdrops on a rose,

And I dared to dream and feel the things,

I had interred very long ago.

I no longer had an arsenal,

I trusted him so very much,

I depended on the solace he gave

And the bounty of unconditional love.

So this is another once upon a time,

Of a girl who was afraid,

To come out of hiding from inside her shell,

A little apprehensive to watch her heart break.

God sent her broken spirit a miracle,

To magically restore her hope

Joshua, was the one He chose,

To bring down the walls of Jericho.





The Woman Without a Name

I met a stranger on the road
I think she heard me come her way,
She let me see what her soul showed
The secrets her eyes gave away.

She held my hand and a feeble voice
Broke through her tremorous lips,
She asked me to spare her something to eat,
If my pockets had something to give.

I looked inside my grocery bag
Filled with things I suddenly didn’t need,
My extravagance was my crowning shame
When she sought respite in me.

She sounded like she held sorrow reigned in
Held tightly on a leash,
A shadow haunted the surface
But Hunger took the lead.

She then asked me for some money
That would buy herself some tea,
And I told her the truth in painful honesty
That my wallet was absolutely empty.

She then confessed she couldn’t see
And secretly I was glad,
That she was shielded from the cruelty
Of seeing all the things I had.

I felt like a sinner in a Catholic Church
As I searched for words to explain,
That I would have bought her anything
Had I not spent it the other day.

She smiled at me, grateful
And thanked me for my generosity,
But the words she uttered next
Shattered the altruist in me.

Her words gnawed at my façade
As she took me off the higher ground,
“If I take this,” she innocently asked,
“What will you have to keep your hunger bound?”

I insisted that she take it
That I would be more than fine,
She thanked me again and then left me
With an unforgettable smile.

It went against the laws of my world
Where a person on the streets,
Would go the extra distance
To show some care for me.

Poverty has a choke hold
And it leaves without a trace,
My perspectives changed when the roles reversed
Because of a woman without a name.