The Paper

When I look at you, I see everything I am not…

Everything I can never even hope to be,

So I chose to hide behind a cause

Because its my oxygen when I feel like I can’t breathe.


When they look at you,

They won’t look twice

Because they’ll never look away,

From that luminescent smile.


But they know, and I know

That you’re not just a pretty face,

Your personality captivates,

And lingers in our souls.


When they look at me,

They won’t look twice.

But they’ll know I’m there,

Because I’ve always been one of the guys.


I’ve always claimed I’ve been more than  okay,

Never needed a man to look my way…

I’ve always been about big words and long days,

Been sort of busy, we have a planet to save.


But sometimes it just takes a second

For insecurity to surface

As simple as someone who sees me,

But doesn’t take notice,

And then the battle feels hopeless

Because its a wallflower up against  a princess.


But  then she looks at me, and my world seems to refocus

As I look in the mirror my imperfection vanishes,

Because she makes me feel like I am worth a second look,

When I saw the paper, she saw a book.