Creatures of Habit

When you have something to do urgently,

Doesn’t the temptation to not somehow always supervene?

Are you like me, that when the deadline draws near,

You have to pick up a book or find a new song to hear?


The depths of your heart harbours the truth…

You know the sitcom can always wait for you.

You convince yourself that you’re ahead of the clock

But pretend to not notice the hours that pass by in tick tocks.


It always has to wait for something else,

Excuses are lies a procrastinator tells,

Maybe it’s because we know the lesser the time we spend,

The return on the investment will seem worth it in the end.


Nothing could be further from the truth,

And though it is something we’d never admit to,

We feel crippling guilt when we do finally see

That the potential we had now lies deceased.


There are times when we resolve to hold ourselves to true intentions,

To stop lying to ourselves and break addictions;

But no matter how badly we seem to want it,

We all know there is no changing a creature of habit.