Do I still mean something to you?

Despite you believing that I lied?

Do I still mean the world to you?

Or was it a passing tide?


Do you want to talk about it?

I think I can hold my ground,

If you say anything now that will make me feel

Like my world will come crumbling down.


Shall we sit face to face?

And look into each other’s eyes?

Remove all the falsified hate…

To uncover something I want you to find.


Maybe you will hate me more

Maybe I will cry,

Maybe I won’t be strong enough

To hear those words come to life.


I tell you all that I hid,

Hoping you’d understand

But I know your battle grounds have changed,

We’re no longer hand in hand.


Sitting here faced across from you,

On a day I never thought would come,

Is a little bit of a disappointing tune,

To the song of greater good I have always sung.


Your eyes widen just a little bit,

Baffled, you ask me why

Then you say you don’t believe it…

And I show you the proof I have tried to hide.


You remained stunned as to why I would do something

So detrimental to my own good,

Well, if I hadn’t done the necessity

That ground would have been pulled from where you stood.


So I gave you a false sense of security,

So that all may stay undisturbed,

Despite the knife you drove through me,

I didn’t want you to wind up hurt.


You told me you had yourself a good cry,

When you heard you broke my heart,

But it doesn’t hurt me any less

I couldn’t help but feel torn apart.


So I figured it’d be easier

To let you believe a lie,

To tell you that I was wrong

And make you turn senile.


It is always so much easier

To bear the pain on your own,

Of seeing someone you love hate you

For a blame you voluntarily have borne.


Because the other option on the table,

Is to let the truth see the light of day,

When loyalty is shown for where it lies,

It becomes a game you don’t want to play.


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