Great Expectations

We wake with the dawn that with the sun comes in ostentation,
And slumber peacefully when the moon dominates the sky,
And the rest of the day we spend in inane abstraction
Barely noticing as our lives pass us by.

There is no true satisfaction
Because we live in our own little bubbles, enclosed.
There can be no real gratification,
When we don’t deign to look beyond our own nose.

So why don’t we try a little giving,
Taking time off to extract a smile,
From someone who is least expecting,
Something good to come out of life?

Don’t put it beyond you because you are too ordinary
Or all the money you earn needs to be preserved
The resources we need are not monetary
Your love is a boundless reserve.

So take that second to lend a smile that will say
To another that you care enough that he’s around,
Change the world in your own little way
And volunteer with us now.

And in a world torn apart by war,
Serve to be an inspiration,
Be the one that will restore,
Hope in Man and Great Expectations.


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