How Dare You?

How dare you touch her?

I don’t recall an invitation…

I don’t remember a sign,

That told you to help yourself,

And that she would just resign

To her fate written by your lust.


How dare you defile an angel?

You miserable low – life scum.

I don’t remember giving you the right

To rob her of safety,

To scar her with fright,

That haunts her now, every time a man walks by.


How dare you walk away?

Like nothing even happened…

As her voice cannot escape,

Because you thought, “Why not?”

Because you needn’t fear a consequence

That stems from action on a filthy thought.


How dare you shake her strength?

In a pathetic attempt to bask in the revelry

Of the satisfaction of a carnal need.

She is stronger than you make her feel.

You are not worthy of her doubt,

But you’re the reason she thinks twice before she goes out.


Note: [Picture Source: The Indian Express]


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